– 2017 – present: Coaching professionals at different organizations.
– 2017 – present: part-time interim Global HR Projects Manager and coach at an Icelandic multinational (>4000 employees).
– 2017 – present: leadership and cross-cultural training at different organizations in The Netherlands (mainly multinationals) for groups between 6 and 70 people.


– Member of the EMCC since 2017. Working towards Certification at Practitioneer level (2nd of 4 levels).
– Certification The Lewis Model – Teaching Cross-Cultural Competence, 2019.
– Post-Bachelor education Excellent Coaching 2017-2019


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Emerging markets are the most complex with more than a hundred countries worldwide. The cross-cultural workshop helped me understand the differences between cultures. It reminds me when I am in contact with other markets, always to be mindful of their culture which affects the way they think, and the way they perceive what I say. Love to have one more workshop to dive a bit deeper. Thanks a lot!

Kizzy Cheng, Product marketing manager, Emerging Market

I found Jeroen’s talk really insightful about how to manage the differences across our North Europe team. I come from a very European family, and therefore have always been aware of cultural differences in a personal situation; but this session helped show me the smaller, more hidden ways through which culture can come into play in a professional context. I know I’ve taken some communication and behavioural tips away with me to improve my collaboration and teamwork!

Elena Jones, Marketing Coordinator, Össur, North Europe

As a multi-national company, it’s really important to understand each other’s cultures as we communicate and work with different colleagues and cultures every day.  It was a very interesting training and made me want to go and learn a bit more about the cultures that we experience every day.

Adil Hameed, IT System Administrator, Össur, North Europe

As a multi-national company, it’s important to understand each other’s cultures as we communicate and work with different colleagues and cultures every day.  It was a very interesting training and made me want to go and learn a bit more about the cultures that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Ollie Smith, Clinical Specialist Prosthetist, Össur, North Europe

I enjoyed Jeroen’s interactive training on cultural differences.  Some thought-provoking discussions on recognising cultural diversity between ourselves and our colleagues; and invaluable in improving our communication with one another.

Teri Bacci, Marketing Communication Specialist, North Europe

You think you know your colleagues well, and assume, because we all speak English, they hear us and we understand them… but we miss so much. The session from Jeroen peeled back some of our closest colleagues’ layers to reveal their real cultural identity and visa-versa. Now there is actual understanding on where we align, but also great respect of our differences.

Richard Hirons, Academy Director, Össur, North Europe

I really appreciated the cross-cultural workshop Jeroen gave us, as his background, deep insights and international experience made the whole content very authentic and helpful working for global acting companies such as Össur. Having a similar international background myself, I really liked participating in the group activities and role games and talking about those findings with my colleagues. I appreciate the great work and passion Jeroen put into his workshop and looking forward to the next one.

Derya Dönmez, Head of Product Marketing, Össur, DACH

The training is a combination of a clear theoretical framework and a practical approach where participants are learning by doing. This enabled us to quickly adopt and apply what we had learned. Jeroen easily connects with the participants and, where necessary, gives them constructive feedback in a pleasant way.

Jeroen Heijligers, Managing Director, Personato

I thought Jeroen would answer all my questions. After 3 sessions I realized Jeroen was asking the questions and I was the one talking. I gained much self confidence by hearing myself talk about solutions. I learned that my progression could help others. Someone I know, asked me if I had taken a course in effective communication.

Clinical Specialist

Jeroen can add value to every organization with his Coaching and Organizational Development skills. He globally directed and led major initiatives, including change and implementation strategy. He has comprehensive experience in coaching, L&D and OD and is very pleasant to work with.

Margrét Lara Fridriksdottir, Executive Vice President HR, Össur

I repeatedly gained more self-insight and discovered hindering thougt patterns. Jeroen uses effective methods and homework. I received the right tools for the next steps in my development. Thus I could take meaningful steps regarding my personal and professional mission. He is the most effective coach I know.

Robbert Vroomen, Value Engineer, ProRail

The sessions I had with Jeroen have changed my thinking and behavior and I have grown in my way of communicating. He asked me questions which helped me analyze thought patterns, feelings and goals. I now look at situations and people from a different perspective and deal with them more effectively.

Marketing communication specialist