Loss and transition

First and foremost you have to listen. After that, listen. Once you have done this, try to listen some more.
Manu Keirse, emeritus hoogleraar Universiteit Leuven

Our most soulful times are when we are out of balance rather than when we are in balance
Thomas Moore, author Care of the Soul

On August 22nd 2016 I was driving to work during rush hour on the Eindhoven ring. The weather had been hot and dry the whole week but that morning it was pouring. When taking the last curve on the A2 my car started drifting, I hit the guardrail with 100 kilometers an hour and came to a halt. The car was total-loss and I could go home to recover. I was made to stop both literally and figuratively speaking to think about where I was at, where I wanted to go and what I wanted to live for. This was one of my most impactful loss experiences. This and other loss experiences have taken me on a road to the search for meaning in loss. Also, they instilled in me the desire to help those around me in their loss and transition.

In my work relating to loss and transition I focus on coaching. Many do not think of loss when formulating their first coach question. I regularly meet with professionals who start off with a leadership related coach question but find out during the coaching sessions that their growth in leadership is hindered by not (completely) processed loss experiences.

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