Our most soulful times are when we are out of balance rather than when we are in balance
Thomas Moore, author Care of the Soul

Coaching means providing professional guidance. As a coach, my goal is to meet the coachee’s needs. A professional practice is key to me. I have never considered just my experience in HR sufficient for this. I find it very important not only to follow high-quality training, but also to continually develop myself. I am a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. Adhering to its ethical code of conduct is one of the things I find very important.

In my practice, together with my coachees, I look at the thought patterns that trigger certain behavior and where these patterns come from. I provide coachees with tools to break through those patterns and become more successful in personal leadership. Leading ourselves in our personal transition is necessary if we want to lead others. I coach both individuals and teams. I coach teams of 10 or more together with another team coach. Quality, safety and results are of paramount importance.

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