Many training courses that are given, provide participants with tools to better develop a specific competency. Whether this is training in giving presentations, customer contact, project management, giving and receiving feedback, coaching skills, cross-cultural collaboration, or something else. These tools are very valuable.

However, participants often need more than that. They often experience, consciously or not, convictions that hinder them from doing certain things. If those limiting convictions are not exposed and changed in training, growth is usually on the surface. Thus, someone has gone to a nice training, but return on investment is limited. In my training I want to provide both the tools and the deeper personal insights. This leads to better results. That makes me happy, but my customers as well.

Since Covid, a number of my clients asked me to provide virtual training. My company is also set up for this and the satisfaction of participants in these training courses is not inferior to that of participants in a face-to-face training. I usually limit groups in virtual training to 9 people. In face-to-face training or workshops I have worked with groups of up to 100 people and 20 different nationalities.

Some of my larger clients need a company that can deliver training, coaching and employee development on a larger scale. For this I always point to my many years of close collaboration with AIMS international. I have not yet been given an assignment that I wanted but could not fulfill.

If you would like to know more about how I can contribute to the development of your team or employees, please contact me.