Ik ben dankbaar en trots te mogen werken voor onder meer deze organisatie (beweeg je muis over de logo’s voor meer informatie):



Partnering with Jeroen during a reorganization was very valuable as Jeroen provided great material to help our managers reflect on their role during this phase of transition. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we were not able to have face-to-face workshops, and Jeroen was very flexible in delivering recorded webinars. In these webinars, he conveyed some relevant knowledge about change and transition, emphasized the relevance of self-reflection and provided some practical tools for managers. Great learning modules that are rich and profound, and at the same time easy to digest.

Gudrun van Klaveren, Learning & Development Partner, Hexion

You think you know your colleagues well, and assume, because we all speak English, they hear us and we understand them… but we miss so much. The session from Jeroen peeled back some of our closest colleagues’ layers to reveal their real cultural identity and visa-versa. Now there is actual understanding on where we align, but also great respect of our differences.

Richard Hirons, Academy Director

I enjoyed Jeroen’s interactive training on cultural differences.  Some thought-provoking discussions on recognising cultural diversity between ourselves and our colleagues; and invaluable in improving our communication with one another.

Teri Bacci, Marketing Communication Specialist

As a multi-national company, it’s really important to understand each other’s cultures as we communicate and work with different colleagues and cultures every day.  It was a very interesting training and made me want to go and learn a bit more about the cultures that we experience every day.

Adil Hameed, IT System Administrator

I found Jeroen’s talk really insightful about how to manage the differences across our North Europe team. I come from a very European family, and therefore have always been aware of cultural differences in a personal situation; but this session helped show me the smaller, more hidden ways through which culture can come into play in a professional context. I know I’ve taken some communication and behavioural tips away with me to improve my collaboration and teamwork!

Elena Jones, Marketing Coordinator

Emerging markets are the most complex with more than a hundred countries worldwide. The cross-cultural workshop helped me understand the differences between cultures. It reminds me when I am in contact with other markets, always to be mindful of their culture which affects the way they think, and the way they perceive what I say. Love to have one more workshop to dive a bit deeper. Thanks a lot!

Kizzy Cheng, Product Marketing Manager

I really liked the cross-culture session Jeroen provided. It gave me several “aha” moments for realizing why people from other cultures act and respond the way they do. Working in a culturally diverse organization, the awareness and understanding of cultural differences is of utmost importance to ensure good collaboration across the team and different departments, and to move projects in the right direction in a timely fashion. This session helped me, a Chinese, to cope with and decode different cultures.

Yanfang Zhu, Product Marketing Manager

Ideas are easy, execution is everything. This is a moto that I have for many years and having now had several sessions with Jeroen  just helped me to gain insight into the differences we have in our multifaceted and multi-cultural company. By understanding these cultural models, I can be more prepared for creating a common pool of meaning among my peers to be able to ensure successful plan execution and stronger collaboration.

Boris Kibrik, Product Marketing Manager

I was raised in France, in a family of different nationalities. I learned to appreciate, acknowledge and respect cultural differences, at a young age. Often these differences are about details. These may seem insignificant for some but essential for others. Professionally and privately, it is essential to discover other cultures, to understand what makes them rich and special, in a spirit of respect and tolerance. It helps you anticipate different reactions, grasp their origin and defuse the difficulties and potential conflicts. Jeroen has the talent to link people and open their mind, gently, with intelligence, humor and subtlety. These sessions with him made me and my colleagues think and grow. They have helped us to consider things from a different perspective to better work and live together.

Anne-Sophie Bociaga, Senior Product Marketing Manager

I really appreciated the cross-cultural workshop Jeroen gave us, as his background, deep insights and international experience made the whole content very authentic and helpful working for global acting companies. Having a similar international background myself, I really liked participating in the group activities and role games and talking about those findings with my colleagues. I appreciate the great work and passion Jeroen put into his workshop and looking forward to the next one.

Derya Dönmez, Head Product Marketing

Jeroen heeft mij erg geholpen om na te denken over de doelen die ik na wil streven in mijn persoonlijke en professionele leven. Belangrijker nog, hij hielp mij om te worden wie ik wil zijn. De oefeningen die Jeroen gebruikt als voorbereiding, zetten aan tot nadenken over én luisteren naar je diepste persoon. In de sessies met Jeroen wist hij mij op de juiste momenten te prikkelen en op de juiste momenten te laten. Zeer waardevolle coaching voor iedereen die voelt dat er meer uit het leven te halen is!

Alex van Gogh, Product Marketing Manager

Ik dacht dat Jeroen me antwoorden op mijn vragen zou geven. Na 3 sessies realiseerde ik me dat Jeroen de vragen stelde en ik aan het woord was. Ik kreeg veel vertrouwen doordat ik mezelf hoorde praten over oplossingen. Ik zag dat mijn progressie ook anderen kon helpen. Iemand die ik buiten het werk ken, vroeg mij of ik een module effectief communiceren had gevolgd.

Klinisch specialist

De training is een combinatie van een duidelijk theoretisch kader en een praktische aanpak waarbij we vooral zelf mochten doen. Zo konden we het geleerde snel opnemen en toepassen in de praktijk. Jeroen zocht op de juiste manier verbinding met ons en voorzag ons, waar nodig, op een kritische maar plezierige manier van feedback.

Jeroen Heijligers, Directeur, Personato

Met zijn coaching en organizational development skills voegt Jeroen waarde toe aan iedere organisatie. Hij leidde wereldwijde initiatieven, inclusief verander- en implementatiestrategie. Hij heeft uitgebreide ervaring in coaching, L&D en OD en is erg prettig om mee samen te werken.

Margrét Lara Fridriksdottir, Executive Vice President HR, Össur

Ik kwam telkens tot zelfinzicht en ontdekte belemmerende overtuigingen. Jeroen gebruikt effectieve methodes en opdrachten. Ik kreeg de juiste handvatten aangereikt om stappen in mijn ontwikkeling te zetten. Zo kon ik groeien naar mijn persoonlijke en professionele missie. Hij is de meest effectieve coach die ik ken.

Robbert Vroomen, Value Engineer, Pro Rail

De sessies met Jeroen hebben mijn denken en gedrag veranderd en ik ben gegroeid in mijn manier van communiceren. Hij stelde vragen waardoor ik ging nadenken over mijn achterliggende gedachten, gevoel en doelen. Ik kijk nu naar situaties en mensen vanuit een ander perspectief en ga er effectiever mee om.

Marketing communicatie specialist